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        Elder Voice Advocates

        MN Home Care Bill Of Rights

        How To File A Complaint

        Filing Against a Home Care Provider

        Visit the Minnesota Department of Health for additional resources and guidance filing a complaint.

        Three Step System & Resource Link

        Do you suspect abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult? Know what steps you can take to report your concerns.

        Vulnerable Adult Webinar

        Do you suspect abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult? Know what steps you can take to report your concerns.

        Know Your Rights

        Assisted Living Bill of Rights

        Before receiving services, residents have the right to be informed by the facility of the rights granted under this section and the recourse residents have if rights are violated.

        Nursing Home Resident’s Rights

        ​Residents of nursing homes have rights that are guaranteed by the federal Nursing Home Reform Law.

        Assisted Living Licensure

        Through the hard work and dedication of Elder Voice Family Advocates, the MN Department of Health, and many others, we passed legislation that protects elders.

        Forced Discharges From Nursing Homes

        Many involuntary discharges can be resolved successfully. You have rights. Become informed and act.

        Working With Your Long-Term Care Provider

        Assisted Living Information for Consumers, Families, and Caregivers

        Visit the Minnesota Department of Health for additional resources and guidance for Assisted Living.

        25 Common Nursing Home Problems & How to Resolve Them

        Tools to identify and solve the problems residents most frequently face in all types of nursing homes.

        Tips for Getting Good Care at a Nursing Home

        Recommendations from the experts – the people actually receiving care and services in a nursing home.

        Advocacy Suggestions for Getting Good Nursing Home Care

        Advocacy suggestions for nursing home residents and their families.

        Understanding & Preventing Harmful Interactions Between Residents with Dementia

        Author & Elder Voice board member Eilon Caspi, Ph.D. provides the 1st care standard for the field, presenting practical tools and person-directed care practices.

        How Do I Choose A Care Facility?

        Piecing Together Quality Long-Term Care

        A consumer’s guide to choices and advocacy.

        Resident Guide for Assisted Living

        Maintaining independence and choice in assisted living.

        Senior Linkage Line

        A service of the Minnesota Board on Aging in partnership with Minnesota’s area agencies on aging.

        New! This is a excellent podcast by a the status of long-term care in the U.S., including the toll on caregivers, innovations in Alzheimer’s treatment, and the financial ramifications for older adults

        Where Can I Get Help?

        Resource Links

        When abuse, neglect or exploitation has happened in long-term care it is important to report it to the state so there is an accurate picture of maltreatment.

        Discharge Planning

        Checklist for patients and their caregivers for preparing to leave a hospital, nursing home, or other care setting.

        Find a Home Care and Assisted Living Provider

        The Minnesota Department of Health provides a database of care facilities.
        te: This does not include information about abuse and neglect investigation or survey results, which is an indicator of quality care provided.)​

        Nursing Home Neglect: Preventing It and Getting Help

        When you are concerned about the care, or lack of care, being provided, take action!

        Ombudsman for Long-term Care

        A service of the Minnesota Board on Aging, the Ombudsman for Long-Term Care advocates for people needing or receiving long-term care.

        What Is A Uniform Disclosure Of Amenities & Services

        How Can It Help Me?

        UDALSA Form